Novedades Plásticas S.A. México 50’s 60’s Camión Supersónico, in box, Friction, 10.5 inches (26.5 cm) original tin toy car


Novedades Plásticas S.A. México 50’s 60’s Camión Supersónico in box Friction 10.5 inches (26.5 cm) original tin toy car

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You must pay attention to this description.

Plastic blue Supersonic Truck with atomic radar, sound of siren with the friction, 10.5 inches (26.5 cm)

This original and complete truck is working and it is in good condition, the plastic body was made by Archer Plastics U.S.A., the tin chassis is in good condition too. The friction machinery is clean, the box was fixed with transparent glue and one of its closure faces is a copy. It has already been used.

The pictures can to describe much more than just the description.

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All the old items have germs and dust both inside and outside, microbes and dust can damage health, for this reason is that all these toys of my collection have had a process of cleaning and disinfection, so these toys are not risk our health.

An old object that has been cleaned and disinfected does not make a new object.

The accumulation of dirt is not “patina”

“patina” is a darkening that some metals have not been varnished or painted.

If you have doubts about this toy, please ask me.

You have to be sure before buying this toy, because all of these toys have not any guarantee.

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